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Draft Hog aggregates football data and computes recommendations on the fly.

Draft Hog

Draft Hog utilizes the Rails framework and carefully optimized SQL to offer fantasy football draft advice in real time. It seemlessly integrates with Heroku's scalable deployment options to handle the peak traffic of drafting season.

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WE-ASK aggregates terms that users think are important.

What Every American Should Know

WE-ASK provides an accessible front-end inspired by social media to encourage data entry and sharing. It is built on a Ruby on Rails backend which aggregates users' top terms.

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Adbolt has delivered over 9 million impressions since launch.


Adbolt utilizes a PHP backend and a custom Java plugin to deliver Minecraft advertisements. It incorporates a full payment system for both server-owners and prospective advertisers.

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Lifeboat+ is a modern iOS app written in Swift.


We developed, designed, and actively maintain the Lifeboat iOS app. It provides an interface for users to view player statistics, track servers, and purchase character upgrades.

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┬ÁByte is a freelance development team specializing in web and mobile application programming. We have a substantial background working with established languages and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Swift, PHP, and Java. Our projects run the gamut from Minecraft plugins to enterprise-scale delivery platforms. With over 15 years of programming experience, we have the know-how to turn your concept into the next big thing.
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